Manic Monday Self-practice

There aren’t many Ashtanga group classes in Dubai, but I’m lucky enough to divide my practice days between Zen Yoga in Dubai Media City and Gems of Yoga on Sheikh Zayed Road. That way, I make sure that I have somewhere to practice my primary sequence daily. Today, I’m practicing at Gems of Yoga as there happens to be an empty room (Ashtanga classes are cancelled because teacher is sick). I thought I could use some alone-time, just me and my mat. It’s been a year since I attempted self-practice, and I feel like I’ve grown too dependent on the presence and energy of fellow yogis. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that, not at all. For the sake of practicing non-attachment, I’m attempting self-practice.

It’s been a long, hectic day at work. Now is the time to give in to my mat and let my yoga work its magic on me. The room is filled with positive energy, it’s nice and warm, beautiful mantras playing in the background, and my mind is ready for this. Let’s hope my body is kind to me after 1 week of no asana practice (thanks to a knee injury).

Namaste x


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