Yogathon for a Cause – Mass Performance of 108 Sun Salutations

My darlings! It is with great pleasure that I finally share with you this good news. It has been an intense few months keeping our fingers crossed and our hopes up for everything to work out in order to have this wonderful event take place in Dubai, UAE. Fitness First Dubai is organizing a yogathon on February the 25th, where anyone and everyone is invited to join in on a mass performance of 108 sun salutations of any style you like!

First and foremost, I’d like to take this opportunity to send out a big e-thank you to my teacher Peewee for working SO hard on putting in so much love and energy into making this event happen. I cannot wait to be in one place with all my fellow yogis, meet new faces, spread the love and be part of a higher purpose. Fitness First has organized this event in collaboration with the Dubai Autism Center. Through 108 sun salutations, we are hoping to raise money for children with autism in Dubai. I encourage everyone in the UAE to attend this event, even if you have never practiced 108 sun salutations, or yoga for the matter. Your presence is much appreciated, and there is always so much to learn from just watching. Who knows, this might be your first step to discovering yoga! Let’s not forget that, through our presence, we can encourage those who will undergo 108 sun salutations.

The event will take place in Safa Park at 8:00 am. It is advisable that you come at 7:00 am in order to complete all registration formalities on-time and get with our practice right on schedule (8:00 am). Entry fee for Fitness First members is DHS 45 and for non Fitness First members is DHS 55. You can pay at the reception of any Fitness First branch. There are forms that need to be filled. You can email me, or comment on this post requesting the forms and I will gladly email them back to you. Otherwise, you can find these forms at Fitness First. Also, visit Fitness First’s website for more info.

Yoga for Health, Yoga for a Cause
When: Friday February 25, 2011
How long: 7:00 – 10:00 AM
Where: Safa Park Dubai, Gate #2

“Let’s get together for Charity, Community, Good Karma and Yoga!” -Peewee

Spread the news, spread the love!
Namaste xx


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