Hot Yoga on the Beach

The countdown begins! Again! I cannot wait to get into module 2 of yoga teacher training and reunite with everyone. The last 3 weeks have been very productive and some very exciting things happened. As part of my yoga training, I’ve been given the opportunity to teach yoga a number of times over the break. I tell you, I’ve experienced so many great feelings in my lifetime – of love, success, pride, beauty, joy… Never in my life did I think that I will, one day, experience the feeling you get from teaching. The simple act of giving and not expecting anything in return is a privilege, but teaching yoga is beyond just that (as if that isn’t already enough!).

We all know that when we teach (not just as a profession), we also learn; parents raise their children and learn things from the experience in the process. It’s always a give-take situation in life, and that’s what is fair.. because that is how we maintain balance. I am a believer in maintaining balance in everything we give, receive, perform, or experience. It’s never about how much you give or receive. It’s always about wanting to give without needing to take. Most of the time, it’s only then that you receive… in the end, you only get what you deserve.

I met a wonderful yogini, Gema, during my break, who was kind enough to give free hot yoga lessons. Practicing yoga on the beach is definitely a challenge – defying the heat, ignoring the intense sun, and balancing on sand. Let’s not forget how messy it can get – sand in my eyes, in my mouth, all over my face, hair, everything! It was such a great experience, to practice yoga in open space, meet new people, tan during and afterwards.








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