Global Village in the Making – UAE

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the final product of weeks of hard work, early mornings, and sun strokes (not a complaint, just a declaration!). In the end, it was worth it all.

Global Village is an outdoor venue that offers entertainment and goods from different cultures. Global Village 2010 opens November 10 and will continue to dazzle its guests until February 28, 2011.

To share the excitement with the rest of the UAE and the world, we put together a “behind the scenes” video to give you a glimpse of the building process of Global Village.

Please visit Global Village’s official Facebook page here and feel free to “like” the page. The Global Village team would love to keep you updated on all the news and fun events that will take place over the next few months! You can also follow Global Village on Twitter: @GlobalVillageAE

Make you sure to keep visiting Global Village’s official YouTube channel for more informative and entertaining videos!

Without further ado, Global Village in the Making 🙂


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