Can’t Get Enough of Yoga

Hello beautiful people! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend balanced with fun and relaxation. Would love to know what your costumes were for Halloween! Unfortunately, I did not get to dress up this year. I can’t complain though, because I had such an exciting weekend! Yoga teacher’s training is put on hold for 4 weekends. Between every module, we have a break so that we can give our bodies a rest (which, trust me, we NEED) and so that we can focus more on our self-practice and self-improvement. 64 hours plus a few extra hours of yoga homework later, we ended module 1 with an exam that went very well for most – if not all – of us. For the exam, we each prepared a gentle flow yoga sequence and taught the sequence to one another. We were evaluated on the consistency and flow of our sequences, our teaching techniques, and our breathing cues.

Ok, maybe not all of us prepared a gentle flow yoga sequence. Instead, I prepared a dynamic flow yoga sequence that was appropriate enough for a beginner’s class. The sequence was great. I tested the sequence on a few of my classmates and they had lovely things to say about it, which was very rewarding. My teacher, during my 1-on-1 assessment told me that my passion is my strength”. Bless her. While I was teaching the sequence, I could feel Terri’s presence (Terri is one of my yoga teachers back in Montreal, and my first ever yoga class was with her). I learned so much from her in terms of perfecting yoga poses and in terms of communicating with the students. Her style and teaching methods became a big influence on my style and teaching methods, and Peewee definitely saw that in me. Below is a picture from our partner yoga session. After 7 hours of yoga, 1 sequence after another, we decided to have a little fun!

I’m teaching my very first class this Tuesday, which I am very excited about. I spent all of last week practicing the sequence I prepared. It didn’t seem to flow as smoothly as I would have liked it to, so I changed it up a bit. I will share the sequence with you soon, just need to get confirmation from the expert (Peewee) that the sequence makes sense. Although she told me that the initial sequence was great, I wasn’t 110% comfortable with it.

So, how did I spend my first free weekend in a month? I practiced more yoga, of course! Saturday morning, I got together with a yoga teacher, Gema, who was giving free yoga lessons. We were a group of about 8 people, and we practiced by the beach in Palm Jumeirah. Practicing yoga on the sand is challenging, that’s a given! It’s also messy and could be a little annoying, but I enjoyed every second of it. It was such a challenge trying to balance on the sand, especially because we were practicing on a slope. The weather was beautiful – just the right amount of “hot”, and the sound of the waves was absolute perfection. If anyone in Dubai is interested in coming to one of Gema’s free yoga classes, please get in touch with me and I’d be more than happy to give you all the necessary details.

Have a lovely week everyone!


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