Flow Yoga – Phase 1

I am now in the process of opening up to practicing different yoga sequences on my own instead of sticking to my usual Ashtanga primary sequence. Tonight, I will incorporate these poses in my practice. After this weekend’s classes, we were assigned homework to practice the poses above 3 times during the week. We were given the choice to add more poses if we would like, and practice them in whatever order we wish. I will begin with a 30-minute cardio workout on the elliptical machine. Then, I will start my practice with 5 minutes of full yogic breath, followed by seated ujjayi. It is also required to include 12 sun salutations in the practice. Since I will be warmed up from my cardio exercise, I won’t practice my sun salutations in the beginning of the practice.

The whole purpose of this homework is to develop our own yoga practice, our sequence, possibly our own style that we could, one day, teach those who come to our yoga lessons. 3 days gives me the opportunity to mix it up and experiment 3 times. Can’t wait to update you on how tonight goes!

Note: the pictures above were taken from Yoga Journal. Please visit the website here.


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