What’s the Point?

At last, the yoga teacher’s training program began and I’ve made it through my first weekend! I’ve said goodbye to meat and chicken, but have been finding it hard to let go of coffee. I have 3 cups of coffee a day and cutting cold-turkey never worked for anyone. So, I’m reconsidering cutting down  to 1 cup a day instead. For the next 5 months, I decided to cut off meat, poultry and a number of other things from my diet because I want to cleanse my body, challenge myself, experience what the benefits (if any) of being “vegetarian” are and be able to do all the asanas with no difficulties or complications. I was always very healthy with my food choices and my meals are very well-balanced. So, “vegetarian” isn’t a label I want to carry and I’m not so sure if it is a lifestyle I want to lead for a long time.

Our first yoga class (Oct. 1) was perfect. Universe, THANK YOU for the most amazing teacher and a group of talented, diverse and interesting yoga enthusiasts. Pilar Sanchez (AKA Peewee), our yoga trainer, is wonderful. Her teaching method is truly inspiring and there is so much to learn from her. She is very honest about her experiences, opinions and feelings and  is very accommodating. The group of students is very multicultural; we all come from different backgrounds, whether its nationality or yoga experience. We covered a lot on the history of yoga, the important and influential figures from ancient and modern times, the different styles of yoga and the 5 points of yoga.

So what is the whole point of yoga? What defines a complete yoga practice? The 5 points of yoga are steps to achieving inner peace, which is the whole point of yoga.
1- asana: your yoga practice should be a proper physical exercise where the poses held must be calm and stable
2- pranayama: you must use proper breathing techniques during the practice
3- savasana: you must incorporate proper relaxation in your yoga practice
4- vegetarianism: you must follow a proper diet
5- dhyana: you must meditate

The result is samadhi → inner peace. So why do we, people of the 21st century, practice yoga? We all know how fragmented life is these days. We spend our days splitting ourselves between work, family, friends, we engage in activities like television, listening to music, browsing the internet… In the end, all we need is a little reintegration to allow us to go through life and our daily routines. I love my job as a videographer, I love my interest in technologies, I love spending hours on the internet, and I love many other things that take up so much of my time and energy. I love yoga because it pulls all the pieces of me back together and keeps me centered, focused and energized. I love my chaotic life, regardless of how stressful it gets. Whether I practice yoga at any time during the day, or simply engage in any yogic breathing technique when in a stressful situation, I know yoga is there in my life to make everything I do better.

After 2 hours of dynamic flow yoga, 2 hours of gentle flow yoga, and 3 hours of learning about the history of yoga, the 5 points of yoga and teaching methodologies, I’m still very much in love. My mind wants yoga, my body needs yoga, my soul craves yoga.

Please check back for updates on today’s (Oct. 2nd) class. It’s so lovely to have you join me on my journey :).


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