Countdown to Yoga Teacher’s Training: 10 Days!

And so, the countdown begins! I am very excited and I cannot wait to embark on this journey. The lovely lady who introduced me to yoga will be taking part in the same teacher’s training. I am so happy one of my inspirations will be by my side in downward dog and warrior 1. Lina, thank you. Lina also has a blog titled Her She Me and I. Feel free to visit her blog by clicking here.

My love is in town for another 2 weeks, and we love enjoying all kinds of food. We’ve been apart for 3 months and a half, which gave me the opportunity to be very healthy in my eating habits and work out intensively 6 days a week. As a reward for my hard work, I am spending the next 10 days indulging. During my training (which will go on for 6 months), I am giving up soft drinks, meats, coffee, cheese (I’m still going to have milk because I NEED my cereal), and alcohol. So… I think I deserve to let loose for the next week and a bit. I also haven’t set foot in the gym since Yousef arrived. One week without hitting the weights and I already feel sad. Is it sad that I feel sad for not working out in a week?! This is a sign that my body needs a break; I’ll make up for it with 200 hours of yoga (minimum)!

I do owe it to Yousef for supporting me when deciding to go for my 200-hr training. He always told me I reminded him of Dharma from the show “Dharma and Greg”. It’s things like this that are why I love him so much, as well as the fact that he practices ashtanga yoga thanks to me!

10 more days, and as much as I am enjoying the McDonalds, Johnny Rockets, KFC and all sorts of other carbs and fried food with my beau, I cannot wait for my training to start. October 1st, 2010 – save the date!


6 thoughts on “Countdown to Yoga Teacher’s Training: 10 Days!

  1. you are amazing Joumz. I miss you loads and I can’t waiiiit to read more about your yoga training! I remember when you started yoga haha. It’s nuts to see how far it’s come!


    1. I miss you so much! I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC time in Paris. Checking your blog on a daily basis! Please come visit Dubai soon, I know you want to be part of one of my yoga classes 🙂

      Love to you and Urwin xx

  2. Nice work!

    And as far as MILK goes… ever try Almond Milk? Vanilla Almond Milk is my absolute favorite drink in the world… and it’s sooo healthy.

    Have fun on your Jogic Journey. 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting! I’ve never tried almond milk! Do you recommend with Special K cereal? Because I cannot live without the cereal that makes my day complete! I’ve tried Soy milk though, did not like it (no offense to anyone!).

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